The Galaxy is in turmoil. Across the stars, the Rebel Alliance struggles to overthrow the mighty war machine that is the Empire. Though the Emperor and his Dark Lord Vader are no more, the edifice of tyranny they established still stands…for now. And so the battles continue to wage, and soldiers on both sides continue to die.

In this time of strife, there are, of course, those who prey upon the weak. War profiteers, pirates, slavers, and big crime syndicates move almost blatantly, assured that both Alliance and Empire will be too preoccupied with each other to stop them. And for the most part, they are right.

On the lush tropical world of Kallistano, war seems a distant threat. Among the palms and sea breezes, visitors may escape the horrors of battle. It is to this paradise that a young entertainer has come to make her mark, blissfully unaware of the tangled fate she bears. Soon, she finds herself fleeing from unknown assailants. Hiding in a seaside cave, she discovers an ancient door, which leads to what appears to be a tomb. But when she opens the sarcophagus, she accidentally triggers a mechanism which releases the man inside from a 4,000 year entombment within a carbonite prison.

He is Mandalorian. One of the last, he harkens back to the days before the Mandalorian Wars, before his people fell into decline. He is proud, rash, and headstrong; but he is also valiant and dashing, and a man of honor. He swears an oath to serve the one who freed him, to protect her and destroy her enemies. Yet will The Guns of Mandalore be enough to win the day?

Star Wars: The Guns of Mandalore

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